Due to all of the severe weather that we have been experiencing in the country and the world, I wanted to let you know about a couple of things that we are seeing and a few things that I expect.

  • We are already seeing some disruptions in delivery of materials.
  • Price increases have been announced for most of the materials that we use.  Some have been attributed to oil prices, some have been attributed to the devastation in Japan, and some to the storms in the South.  Pretty much any excuse that they can find.
  • Some companies are saying that we might even start seeing  FORCE MAJEURE “the price is whatever it is when it is shipped”!!  I actually saw that in a price increase notice last week.  Now how do you plan for that??!!
  • I expect that we are going to continue to see rising materials costs through the summer months.
  • Longer lead times for materials are definitely on their way.
  • Relationships between contractors and suppliers are going to be extremely important.
  • I also expect that we may see some real material shortages.  These will mostly be due to reduced capacity after the prolonged recession and companies being slow to ramp back up.

Things will get back to normal eventually.  In the meantime, if you have a project that needs to be done this Spring or Summer, plan ahead and work together with your contractor to minimize any disruption.


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