Roofing in the “New Economy” (How you can save $$$)

If you are like me and most of the rest of the country, lately you have been trying to save money.  I have been trying to bring down my loan balances and build up my cash reserves.  From what I read and experience through friends and customers, you are probably doing the same thing.  Having good credit doesn’t mean that you have to use it!

In my business (roofing if you didn’t know) we have been seeing people spending  money unwisely.  I just talked to a good customer yesterday who had to spend major dollars to replace deteriorated wood beams because roof leaks were not taken care of in a timely fashion.  Their tenant was just putting buckets under the roof leaks, probably for years.  That roof still needed to be replaced, but they could have saved the over $50k bill for a carpenter to do all of that structural wood work.  Roof leaks can and will deteriorate decking and structural members over time.  Once water gets into your insulation, it will no longer do its job the way that it should be done and dollars for heating or cooling will literally go through the roof.  And if water gets into your electrical system it can become a disaster very quickly.

If your roof starts to leak, DO Not ignore it.  If you have tenants, make sure that they know to report any roof leaks right away.  We notice that sometimes they wait until the end of the day, or end of the week  to call them in.  Maybe they won’t call them in at all for some reason or other, like the “only leaks when it rains”.  If you want someone to come out right away then you may have to spend extra to get them out in the evenings or on the weekend.

Of course we have also seen customers who get multiple proposals go with the person who is half of everyone elses quote and you know what happens then.   We generally end up having to fix the mess at more than it would have cost to do it right in the first place.

You can save money just by by being on top of things.  A roof maintenance plan is a good way to do this.    Knowing what is going on with your roof can sometimes prevent major outlays of cash in times like these when we all want to hold onto  as much of it as we can.


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4 Responses to “Roofing in the “New Economy” (How you can save $$$)”

  1. roofcleaningtampa Says:

    WE clean roofs here in Tampa. But we always suggest roof inspections by a licensed roofing contractor (not us)! We work closely with roofing contractors in our area, and know the good ones. There are hundreds of uninsured and unlicensed roof butchers installing roofs in our area. We have seen the horror stories. Plain and simple, we refuse to work for, or recommend an unlicensed roofer to our customers. If I know of an unlicensed company installing a roof, I will go out of my way to turn them in.

  2. Lukasz Sobczuk Says:

    Whatever the economy, prevention is always lest costly option compared to repairs/re-installations. Roofing, attic and gutters inspections will cost you change comparing to thousands of dollars you may have to spend if the damage is left unnoticed or ignored. Not a wise decision.

  3. Myles Says:

    When it comes to roof repairs. Hire a good company. we have so many fly by night companies that will install a bad roof. Had mine done 3 years ago. Did my home work. researched the company long before the deal. No problems this far. Touch wood!

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