Not Just a Slogan!

Today we have a guest post by Michael Zeise.   Michael is Commercial Account Executive for J. V. Heidler Co., Inc.

“The best roofers anywhere”, not just a slogan.

I have worked for J.V Heidler for a little over two years now and have had opportunities to visit some of our jobsites while our men were working on our customers’ roofs.

I have always been impressed with what I had seen. They have always seemed to be in control of the projects, and very organized. I have also spoken with many of our customers after we have completed projects and found they were very pleased with the professionalism of our men and the cleanliness of the jobsite after they had left. Also the quality of the job and excellent workmanship were always mentioned.

I am currently having my home roof replaced by our company and am witnessing first hand what I had heard about our crews. The first day when the materials were delivered it was very sunny and clear but very windy.  The first thing that they did was spent time to cover our bushes and garden areas.  I thought that this was very considerate of them.  As soon as the men started removing my old roof, it was clear that the wind would blow debris all over the neighborhood. A decision was made to postpone the project until the wind died down.

On behalf of my wife and my neighbors, I say good choice!

The next day was good weather and they got a lot done. During the tear-off process, as warned prior to start of job, some debris landed around the house. My wife had called me and asked me if they would be cleaning that up. I assured her that they would. By the end of the day, she called me back and told me that they had cleaned up everything and did a great job of it. It is raining today and nothing will be done. I look forward to Monday when work should resume and I know that my home is truly in the hands of the best roofers anywhere. Thanks guys!

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