What’s next?

What would you like to hear about?  Spring is on the horizon and I for one am really looking forward to it.  Let me know what you would like me to be writing about.  While you are at it, feel free to put a plug in for your own blog.  I like to read my readers blogs to get a better feel for them.  I also recently learned how to add them to my blog roll!

Our business is really starting to pick up, and I hope that yours is too!


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5 Responses to “What’s next?”

  1. Daniel Klotz Says:

    I know that after this crazy winter I’m going to want to give the exterior of my home a good looking-over. I’d love a post on what to look for, especially along the eves and edges of the roof, that might tell me something needs to be repaired or replaced. Thanks!

  2. roofcleaningtampa Says:

    Roof Cleaning is a good subject to write about. The black algae is spreading all over the country, and looks bad!

  3. roofcleaningtampa Says:

    It IS, and good money to be made cleaning it too. We have several roofing contractors taking advantage of the free non pressure roof cleaning training at my forum http://roof-cleaning-institute.activeboard.com/. I have been teaching roof cleaning online for several years. Many roofing contractors are adding roof cleaning as a service for their customers, even doing a once a year maintenance plant to prevent this crap from growing on roofs! It used to be more of a Florida problem, but this roof algae is hybridizing, just like honeybees, and developing the ability to survive winters! It will only get worse.

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