1. COLLAPSE Number one on my list is the possibility of a building collapse.  That darn snow can be heavy and I have been hearing a lot about buildings collapsing, walls being pushed over and people being injured.

    That is a lot of SNOW!

  2. GUTTERS I can’t tell you how many gutters I have seen torn from buildings just on my way from York into Lancaster to work.  They lay mangled next to the building or hanging off of the side.  I have also seen countless gutters that are damaged and will need to be replaced.

    Damaged Gutter

  3. ROOF LEAKS Your roof will always find the most inopportune time to leak.  It almost never leaks when it is 80 degrees and sunny outside.  Fixing a leak under 20 inches of snow can be next to impossible.  The temperature extremes during this type of weather can make your roof more prone to cracks from expansion and that water up there is just waiting for a place to enter!
  4. VENTS Extreme amounts of snow can cover vents, exhaust fans and roof top equipment.   This can create situations where equipment might not work properly or even  endanger the people inside the building from fumes that were meant to be exhausted.  Snow and ice needs to be cleared away from any of these sensitive areas.

    Buried Roof Top Equipment

  5. ICE DAMS These cause water to back up into the building and create tons of  interior damage.  For more information on Ice Dams check out my last blog post.
    Catastrophe modeler EQECAT Inc. estimates that the two winter storms that raked the mid-Atlantic region earlier this month caused more than $2 billion in insured losses.  EQECAT said the most common sources of monetary losses are a result of roof damage, pipe breakage, and ice dams in eaves causing water to leak into buildings.
  6. ICE SICKLES Threatening Ice Sickles can be a real hazard.   Just this week I heard of several businesses in the Lancaster area that were closed due to the threat of falling ice.  These things can be deadly, some of them are real monsters and must weigh hundreds of pounds.  Trust me, this is not a threat that you want to have hanging over your head.

    Dangerous ICE!

  7. OVERHANGING SNOW Sometimes you can hear a roar or a thunderous groan as tons of snow and ice fall from overhangs and higher roof levels.  Depending on where this falls it can be very damaging or even deadly.

    Don't fall on me!

    Snow Overhang


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