They are predicting a big snow for the Lancaster area this weekend.  During our last big snow and recent heavy snows in other areas of the country there have been a lot of building collapses.  All of the bread and milk that you get at the store will do you no good if your roof collapses!  IF we receive a significant snowfall, you may want to consider having some of the weight removed from your roof.  This is especially true for flat roofs, as more snow is likely to stay on the flat areas.

To remove the snow you need to be careful not to scrape or puncture the roof itself.  This is obviously more of an issue with single ply membranes.  All of the snow does not have to be removed anyway.  Leaving an inch or two is a good idea.  Just make sure that the areas around the roof drains are clear.

Your roof can be a dangerous place in the best of weather.  Adding snow and ice to the picture can make it treacherous.  Calling a professional contractor is definitely the safest way to go.


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One Response to “OH NO LOTS OF SNOW”

  1. Mel Carlton Says:

    Good advice!

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