Beautiful Church Roofs

Here are some pictures of some of the beautiful church roofs we have worked on, in and around Lancaster.   Holy Trinity Lutheran Church has a beautiful natural slate roof.








Saint James Episcopal Church has an example of our fine  copper craftsmanship.

Copper Craftsmanship










These were shingle roof replacement projects.  Each of them had unique decking considerations that needed to be taken into account.   It is very important during these projects to keep the

Shingle Replacement

grounds clean and well kept.

Shingle Replacement with special decking










We have also installed roof on some wonderful additions, built by some of the areas finest contractors.















Addition for Wohlsen Construction

Addition for Hogg Construction










Some Church roofs really create a challenge due to steep slopes. Safety is always the number one concern.

Steep Slope Shingle Replacement

We are the preferred roofer for Church roofs in our area and I think that I know why.  We always take just a little more pride in what we do on churches.  The entire company feels the history of the church and knows that people may be looking upwards for inspiration and there will be our work.   It means a lot to us.


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