How we can make you look good (FOR FREE).

Lately free has become one of my favorite things.  It probably has something to do with the media and the economy.  There is an amazing service that I believe most major roofing companies offer.  It is something that, I think, really should be done on all roofs at least twice a year.

In the Lancaster, York  and Harrisburg areas we have been surveying roofs for Property Managers, Facilities Directors and building owners.  I have been horrified by some of the things that we have found.  Things like this

They are just asking for trouble if they don’t do something about this soon.

I know that it is easy to forget the roof until there is a problem, but with a little preventive maintenance, and some loving care from someone who knows what they are doing, you could greatly prolong the life of your investment.  Don’t wait too long like some of these people did.

It didn’t cost anything for these people to find out that they had these problems.  If we would have gotten there sooner, most of them would have been minor repairs.  Now some of them are in need of replacements costing potentially hundreds of thousands.

The initial roof inspections, complete with pictures and reports were free.  Minor repairs should be done on a Time and Materials basis.  Major work, including replacements should be estimated and a detailed proposal provided.

Please don’t be surprised.  Have your roof looked at on a regular basis, and if you are from the Central Pennsylvania area, feel free to give us a call.

J. V. Heidler Co., Inc.


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