What Did You Expect? Part 1

Did you really not know that people tearing off your existing roof would be noisy?  I would like to help people who manage facilities and properties  know what to expect when they get a new roofing system.  Hopefully your contractor will go over these issues with you well before the project begins.

There are several areas of concern that should be addressed.

  • Noise There will be noise from any construction project.  The amount of noise will depend on many factors, including the type of roof deck, insulation, ceiling, air plenum, etc.  A big item to go over is what time will it start.  Many people are surprised at what time a roofing crew starts their day.  Some cities have regulations on how early work can begin.  Our employees usually like to start working at first light, especially in the Summer as it can get brutally hot up on the roof in the afternoons.  Often times it is beneficial for a commercial or industrial project to get as much work done as early as possible before people begin showing up for their day.  On most projects there is more noise early in the day as possibly existing roofing is removed or fasteners run into the roof deck.  Later in the day the noise level may die down as detail work is done along with cleanup.
  • Dirt Especially if your existing roof is being removed there will be dirt and dust generated by a roofing project.  Even if the roof is not being removed, there is a possibility of dust or debris being knocked loose from on top of existing beams or rafters.  If you have sensitive equipment below the area being re-roofed, it should be determined who’s responsibility it is to protect this equipment.  Also if dust and small particles of debris fall to the shop floor, who is going to sweep this up and dispose of it?  Generally for the outside of the building the roofing contractor will provide dumpsters or dump trucks to remove large debris and dirt that is removed from the roof surface.  How clean do you need your site to be every evening?  Must it be broom swept every day and every last bit of dust removed or will you wait for one finally cleaning at the end of the project?  I strongly recommend that if shingles are removed a rolling magnet be run over the area to pick up any nails.

In my next post I’ll be talking about access and fumes.  There really are a lot of issues that you need to think about if you want your project to go smoothly.


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2 Responses to “What Did You Expect? Part 1”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Go with clay roof tiles . Long life, rich colors, and also eco-friendly!

    • bestroofer Says:

      Thanks Sandra. I really like clay tiles. They are not very prevalent though in our area of the country. You see them a lot more in the south and in the west. We have done a few projects and they are very beautiful.

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