Lancaster County Roofers

Lancaster Roofers

Lancaster Roofers

In my last post, I wrote about all of the wonderful people that surround me in the office.  As  I reflected on it, I felt really bad about what I had written, or more accurately, what I didn’t write.  Don’t get me wrong, they are the best group of people that I have ever worked with.   But as I thought about it, our customers don’t pay us for what they do.  What our customers pay us for is having “the best roofers anywhere” and using those individuals to keep them and their possessions dry and safe from the elements.

It’s not easy having “the best roofers anywhere”.  Being here in Lancaster County, PA makes the task a whole lot easier though.  There is a work ethic here in this region that is hard to match anywhere in the world.  I’ve had offices in othe states before, but it never worked out.  I was just never able to find a group of people that could produce the way that the people from Lancaster could.  That is probably why The Lancaster area fares so much better than other areas in this economy.

The people that we have working out on the roofs are a unique group of individuals.  They are roofers.  They get up before the sun and put in an amazing day of work out in the elements.  Keep in mind that it is a lot hotter up on the roof than it is in front of your computer screen (or mine).  Often times they are filthy and dirty from removing an existing roof.  This is not a job for people afraid of dirt or hard work.

I’m not going to name names for fear that I would miss someone, because roofers have feelings too.  The important thing here is that these are the people that do the real work!  They are the ones that keep our customers coming back to us.


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