Great People Make the Difference

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were surrounded at work by fantastic people?  Think how much better you would feel on that commute in to work every morning.  Well for the last year I have been living this dream.

I have been a commercial roofing contractor in Lancaster, PA for the last thirty years.  During all of these years I have never worked with a better team of people than I have in the last year.  Not that things haven’t been challenging for us in this economy, they have.  With a group of talented and dedicated people surrounding me, the challenges have all been met with a positive outlook.

Customer Meeting

Customer Meeting

Here one of our brightest young stars discusses the Green Roof with our customer.  Chris is a recent graduate from Shippensburg and really enjoys interacting with our customers.   He also loves to “ring the bell” when he gets a new order that  solves a problem for one of our accounts.


Mel Carlton is in charge of our Operations.  I don’t think that I could ever find a more dedicated and talented individual for this job.  He works hours on end to ensure that everything is just the way that the customer wants it.  He is frequently on the jobsite or meeting with customers.  He has an MBA and is a loyal VU alumni.  Mel is also the one in charge of our safety program for which we have been certified by the state.

Mel Carlton

Mel Carlton

Rounding out our office personnel is Norm.  Norm is officially our Controller, but he actually runs the place.  Really I don’t know how I ever got by before he came along.  I haven’t found anything that he won’t do to help out our customers, employees or vendors.  A truly dedicated individual and a lifesaver!



I don’t know how things are where you work.  I hope that you are surrounded by fantastic people like I am.  If you aren’t, now might be a good time to consider doing something about it.  Why wait!  You too could be enjoying life and living the dream.


4 Responses to “Great People Make the Difference”

  1. Mike Bingham Says:

    Great stuff Joe. The difference in any Company is in the people. Better yet passionated highly motivated people will alwys find the best way to get it done. If the internal customers are happy then the external customers will be happy.

    Much Success,


  2. Elizabeth Says:

    I am really impressed by the subject matter you chose for your blogs. When coworkers are appreciated, the respect flows both ways. Same with the consumer.

  3. Richard B Says:

    Excellent job sir! You have reached the point in which a owner/manager has become a leader.
    Anyone can manage, foolishly or wisely.
    Few can lead.
    Well engaged employees, are the byproduct of good leadership.

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