Is White the New Green?

In a very unusual move last month the US Energy Secretary, Stephen Chu, said that he was in favor of “white roofs everywhere”.

He said lightening roofs and roads in urban environments would offset the global warming effects of all the cars in the world for 11 years.

“If you look at all the buildings and if you make the roofs white and if you make the pavement more of a concrete type of colour rather than a black type of colour and if you do that uniformally, that would be the equivalent of… reducing the carbon emissions due to all the cars in the world by 11 years – just taking them off the road for 11 years,” he said.

Personally, I like a little variety.  I was glad to see that Firestone and some of the other manufacturers have come out with some other colors that have highly reflective properties.  Here in Lancaster, PA we are still installing primarily the standard membranes, but I look forward to seeing an entire palate of highly reflective colors.

If you presently have a black or dark colored roof and want to do your little part of something for the environment without a major expenditure, consider a coating.  It could do wonders for the buildings image, maybe for yours too.


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